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PrimoCollect has provided its activity for more than 10 years

5 million loans in service

Over 100 customers

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Over 60 000 contacts per day
2 000 000 SMS per month
50 000 IVR / IVM per day

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Full service cycle

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Three latest high-tech 

contact centers in Kiev, 

in Lviv and in Poltava

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PrimoCollect Group

PrimoCollect Group is one of the leading experts in the market for collection of overdue debts in Ukraine. The collection agency PrimoCollect Group was established in 2006 with the participation of 100% foreign capital. Having been providing activity for more than 10 years, today PrimoCollect Group has a unique experience in the field of overdue debt repayment and is a leader in the Ukrainian collection services market. The company has extensive opportunities for buying debt portfolios, outsourcing debt recovery, specialized consulting services for banks and other financial institutions.