The NPLs in the banks of Ukraine for January-April grew by 6%, – NBU


non-performing loans (NPL) in the Ukrainian banks in January-April 2020 increased by 1 percentage point (PP) – to 49.3%, including public banks – down 1.6 percentage points (to 65.1%), banks with foreign capital – 1 PP (to 33.5%), in private – by 0.2 percentage points (to 18.8%).

this was reported in the financial statements of the National Bank of Ukraine, reports Biznestsentr citing Interfax-Ukraine.


According to reports, in absolute terms for four months 2020 the volume of NPL in Ukrainian banks increased by 6% – to 562,81 billion, while overall loan portfolio s – 3.9%, to $ 1 trillion 141 billion.


it is Noted that during the relevant period, the volume of NPL in state banks (without the "Privat") grew by 8.3% (to 170,81 billion UAH), in "Privat" – 3.3% (up to 247,18 billion), banks with foreign capital – (up 8.5% 116,58 billion) in private – by 7% (to of 28.24 billion).


overall, however, the loan portfolio of state banks (without the "Privat") increased by 3.5% (to 330,86 billion UAH), in "Privat" – 2.1% (up to 311,46 billion), banks with foreign capital – 5.3% (up to 348,13 billion) in private – 5.6% (up to 150,1 billion UAH).


According to the statistics controller, the highest volume of non-performing loans increased in March – 6.7%, after which in April decreased by 2.2%. The overall credit portfolio of Ukrainian banks also jumped in March by 6.3% and decreased in April by 3%.


As reported, at the end of 2019, the share of NPL in Ukrainian banks fell by 4.5 percentage points and for the first time in recent years has been less than half of their total credit portfolio – 48.4 per cent.