Purchase of portfolios

PrimoCollect Group was one of the first to start purchasing overdue indebtedness portfolios in Ukraine 9 years ago and is currently the absolute leader in the collection market by volume of purchased portfolios.

Debt collection schemes in Ukraine:
1. Rapid debt write-off
. This scheme implies a single price and the transfer of rights to the Assignee from the moment of signing the Contract.
2. Forward Flow
. Assumes the purchase of portfolios on an ongoing basis on previously agreed terms and conditions of portfolios and prices.

3. Profit Sharing. Entering the minimum price for a portfolio with the subsequent separation of fees in a certain proportion.

Benefits of selling:

  • material benefit from the sale of troubled assets, the release of reserves, pledged for credit risks
  • clearing the company balance sheet from bad debt portfolios
  • increase of liquidity in balance, improvement of financial indicators
  • no need to maintain the debt collection department and participate in litigation
  • reducing reputational risks

By assigning your requirements, we support and reduce the burden on your business by introducing a comprehensive debt management/debt collection strategy.