Corporate Responsibility

The issue of corporate responsibility for PrimoCollect Group is an integral part of the business development strategy.There is a big difference between simply declaring the basic principles of corporate responsibility and strict adherence to them. We are aware of this and we guarantee that all our employees are ready to contribute to corporate responsibility of PrimoCollect Group.
We support stable development of our company's activities in accordance with ethical, legal and economic requirements dictated by society. Our principles of corporate responsibility are defined in the Code of Ethics, which is approved by the National Association of Professional Collection Agencies of Ukraine.

Кодекс етики компанії PrimoCollect Group Київ.docx.pdf

Our mission

With respect to law, European values and ethical business standards, we improve country's economy, increase financial literacy of population, ensure the well-being and development of company's employees. As every respected financial company, we are obliged to ensure high income of our shareholders through continuous search for new opportunities for growth, constantly increasing our income.

Our values


Our principles of conducting business:

We adhere to high professional and ethical business standards
We are pursuing a legitimate and transparent policy
We build and maintain reliable, long-term relationships with customers and partners
We put our clients' interests on the first place
We provide excellent results and exceptional solutions to each client and partner
We give priority to innovations and advanced technologies
We value trust and honesty in business relations
We strive for sustainable development and constant improvement every day