Deposit Guarantee Fund

Since 2015, PrimoCollect Group has been cooperating with the Individual Deposits Guarantee Fund (IDGF). PrimoCollect Group is an accredited legal adviser, according to the decision of the Deposit Guarantee Fund (minutes No. 105/15 of 05.12.2015), which has the right to provide its services to appropriate authorities of the Guarantee Fund in case of the withdrawal of an insolvent bank from the market or liquidation of the bank.

Today  PrimoCollect Group successfully cooperates with Individual Deposits Guarantee Fund working with assets and repayment of bad debts of banks that are in the process of liquidation:

  • In the direction of "collection of overdue debts of borrowers and other debtors of the bank" the Company co-operates with more than 25 banks of Ukraine. And it is one of the leaders in volume of repayment of arrears.
  • PrimoCollect Group is the main investor in the liquidity of the Bank's debt portfolios. PrimoCollect Group is the first company in the industry, which through ProZorro.Sales, electronic public procurement system, has successfully closed contracts for purchase of retail loan portfolio by leading banks under the control of the IDGF.

PrimoCollect Group continues to actively work with the Deposit Guarantee Fund in order to provide qualified legal assistance, which will significantly reduce the amount of debt, as well as improve the financial performance of the IDGF.