PrimoCollect has purchased another individual loan portfolio from Delta Bank through ProZorro.Sales, public electronic procurement system.


July 12, 2017. Limited Liability Company "ASSET MANAGEMENT COMPANY "PRIMOCOLLEKT-Capital "(which is a part of Primocollect) and Joint Stock Company "Delta Bank" conducted a contract of assignment in the amount of 28,650 contracts.
This is the second Delta Bank portfolio that the Primocollect Group acquired through ProZorro.Sales
We remind you that PrimoCollect Group is the main investor in the Bank's debt portfolios in the stage of liquidation. PrimoCollect company is the first company in the industry that has successfully closed the deal to buy retail loan portfolio of leading banks, which are managed by DGF through the electronic system of public procurement ProZorro.Sale
PrimoCollect Group plans to collaborate with the Deposit Guarantee Fund to provide qualified legal assistance, which will significantly reduce the size of indebtedness and improve the financial performance of DGF.