About the company

PrimoCollect Group, an international financial group of companies, is one of the most independent market operators of the problem debt market for more than 11 years. PrimoCollect Group is represented in 2 countries and offers its clients the most effective solutions in the area of collection of overdue debts.

PrimoCollect Group values its reputation and operates solely in accordance with international business standards set by leading Western financial institutions. In its activities the company adheres to the principle of open and honest business conduct, in an individual approach to each Client.

During 11 years PrimoCollect Group has formed a team that is united by one goal and is aimed at the overall result.

The company has formed a reserve of highly skilled professionals with extensive experience and unique knowledge, skills and abilities, and who are ready to share with other colleagues. PrimoCollect Group values each employee and strives to provide maximum opportunities for its development and professional growth.