Company successes

"The key quality of a good specialist is honesty, the ability to admit mistakes.

A specialist without errors is a specialist who never does anything "

COO, PrimoCollect Group

Dmitry, please describe what our company PrimoCollect Group is for you?

Honestly, this is the place where I can apply all the knowledge that I have received in my life. A place where I’m appreciated and have an opportunity to realize my potential.

Could you, please, recollect the moment when PrimoCollect became not just a place of work, but something familiar?

Surprisingly, Primo became my family immediately, because I was accepted very warm and was immediately engaged in work. It was of a great help hat with most of specialists I already worked together earlier.

There are ups and downs in everyone’s life. Dmitry, could you, please, recollect what was your greatest achievement? Please, share with us.

Achievements ...

I believe it is the fact that I received trust from the company and personally from CEO Eva Zakovich, that in 2014 I was appointed as the Operations Director in a such a large-scale, powerful company as PrimoCollect Group.

Dmitry, what did you feel after accepting the invitation to cooperate with PrimoCollect Group?

The first thing I felt – it was a challenge, a challenge for me! I was worried because I realized that there would be a new chapter in my professional life, which still continues.

Who was the person who helped you in your professional development?

The list of people whom I would like to say “thanks” is very large, still the greatest help was provided to me by parents and by wonderful university teachers.

Dmitry, when your success came to you?

Achieving success is an occasion to re-estimate the life and to set new goals and objectives, moving from success to success through difficulties and inevitable failures. I sincerely hope that success is only a prerequisite for more ambitious plans.

Tell me, please, whether you had a moment when you wanted to give up and what gave you the strength to move forward and achieve your goals?

Of course, in every person’s life there comes a moment when you want to quit everything and leave everything. At this moment it seems that nothing more can be done. At such moments it is necessary to postpone the task for some time and shift to other things. For me, personally, friends have always been a kind of "distraction" from problems...

Dmitry, how do you think, what is your primo calling?

It is to help my colleagues to develop in the operational direction. I would be very happy if in our company, with my modest help, they could become top professionals.

 I wonder if there is a chance to become your assistant, deputy and how to do it?

If I had the need in a deputy, then the main criterion would be a constant desire to develop and never be satisfied with the result, considering these results only the next step.

Dmitry, and share, please, what qualities do you value in good specialists?

In good specialists, I primarily appreciate honesty, the ability to recognize a mistake and want to fix it. This is the key quality of a good specialist. A specialist without errors is a specialist who never does anything.

How can you characterize yourself in 2 words?

Naughty nerd :)

I know that you have read a lot of different literature, which book has left the greatest impressions?

"The glass Bead Game" by German Gesse is a book that offers academic knowledge in a poetic form.

Dmitry, tell me, please, are you a team player? And by what principle do you work in a team?

Yes. For me, it was always more important to participate in a big deal rather than to achieve personal goals. Interacting with people and solving complex problems is something that brings me the most pleasure at work. I prefer playing as a playing trainer. The first rule is - never delegate a task unless you are ready to do it yourself.

And what do you like to do in your free time?

I like to spend my free time with friends or read books. Both of these remarkably restore my vitality.

Dmitry, share the secret of what you need to succeed?

As I said before, I haven’t yet achieved the greatest success, but the first step is required to move forward...

Success does not come only to those who are constantly doubting whether this step should be done!!!

And there's such a question - which superpower would you like to own?

Weather management))))

Dmitry, imagine that someone wanted to write a biographical book about you, and you had the opportunity to choose a name, then what would be the name of the book?

"And everything started so well ..."

Thank you, Dmitry, for the sincerity and warm atmosphere!!!