Primo joy

Our good tradition is organizing joint thematic corporate events that are celebrated by the whole international team. Yes, our friendly team is so numerous that if the corporation will have to reach its destination by sky, by one of the most recognizable passenger airplanes in the world - Boeing, then we will occupy all of the seats!

Our corporate parties are always thematic and with scope ...

The event involves business requirements and cares to fulfill the wishes of the workers and to satisfy everyone, even the most unpredictable critics. Throughout the year, we all recollect the emotions and experiences of the days of our corporate events, which made our employees closer and showed them in a new light.

The main event for all employees is "Summer Primo Party". Preparation takes place in several stages, and many specialists apply their knowledge and skills living the entire process from the beginning to the end. Our "Summer Primo Party" is not just a grand party, it's the best  day for every employee.

How relax those who work well, you can see here