Primo life

PrimoCollect appreciates every employee and strives to provide maximum opportunities for their development and professional growth, thus creating the most up-to-date, classy and super-professional - the genuine knowledge factory - PrimoCollect Academy.

In our Academy APC, with the help of external and internal upgrades, each employee can feel as a true expert and get the deserved right to be called a certified professional in a particular business sector. It also brings invaluable experience of colleagues (and the average experience of our specialists is more than 9 years!) together with experience of outside business coaches.

The training is structured in such a way that employees can independently get acquainted with the calendar of APC training sessions per month and choose the training they are most interested in and that will help them become an in their professional life.

Primo Library

Scientists of Harvard University have proved: "In the best companies, people read a lot ... Randomness? .."

We believe that reading professional and business literature is the most valuable way of creating a special atmosphere of people's interest to business they are engaged in. That is why we have a corporate Primo-library, where the best editions are selected from the point of view on their value and usefulness to business environment. All of this allows our employees to improve their own professional level, communicate and form a common vision on business principles, share experience, information and new interesting ideas. Our Primo library is replenished with curiosities on a quarterly basis, and by the way, discussion of these or other open-access books takes place among our employees in our Facebook group.